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Corian Worktops

Create harmony in your kitchen with Corian Worktops

Corian is a solid surface material created by DuPont. It’s composed of an acrylic polymer mixed with alumina trihydrate – a derivative of bauxite, the mineral from which aluminium is extracted.

Corian can be carved and thermoformed and the joins made invisible, so it flows seamlessly around corners. Its semi-matt, translucent quality makes it a stunning finishing touch to a contemporary kitchen design. We can even incorporate sinks made from Corian, to create a beautiful harmonious feel.

Corian is completely non-porous, so any spills can simply be wiped away with no fear of staining. This also makes it extremely hygienic. With more than 100 colours and patterns available, Corian is well worth consideration.

Below, you will find a selection of colours from our vast range of corian worksurfaces. The full range of colour samples are available at our showrooms. (Colours may vary)

Click on each image to see the corian in greater detail.

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