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The process

Our working process

Of course each kitchen project is different and we’ll tailor our services to suit your needs, however most of our projects include the following stages…

Visiting our showroom

We always suggest paying a visit to one of our showrooms, in Ascot, Warfield or Windsor to browse the units, worktops and appliances on display and talk through your requirements.

Once we’ve established your needs and got an idea of your likes and dislikes, we’ll offer our opinions and advice on the products we feel will best suit you.

If you wish, we’ll then make an appointment to visit your home.

Home visit

The purpose of this visit is to gather all the information we need to design a kitchen for you. Assuming your kitchen will be staying in the same place, we’ll measure the existing room and check the location of all the services – gas, electrics and water. If you’re looking to have your home remodelled or extended, we’ll discuss the possibilities with you and take some initial measurements.

We ask that you prepare a wish list of all the things that you’d like to have in your kitchen before we come to visit, and also a list of what you don’t like about your current kitchen.

During the visit we’ll ask you questions to help us understand how you currently use your kitchen and what you actually want from the room. For example, what sort of things do you cook, who usually cooks, and how many people are they cooking for? And are you looking for a dedicated kitchen, a kitchen/diner, or a family room?

Free kitchen design

Following the visit we’ll be able to suggest units, appliances and accessories that will harmonise with your home and enhance your lifestyle.

We’ll go away and plan a kitchen to suit you. Two of our experienced designers will generally sit together and pool their ideas to come up with the initial design. If building work will be involved we may consult a structural engineer at this stage. We’ll then produce realistic CAD (computer aided design) elevations showing your room how it could be, featuring real unit designs and appliances.

Once the CAD drawings are ready, we’ll invite you back to the showroom to view them on our widescreen plasma TV while enjoying a coffee. You will be under no obligation to continue working with us. We’ll give you printouts of everything so you can go away and make a decision at leisure in the privacy of your own home.

Placing your order

If you give the design your seal of approval we’ll then prepare estimates, including for supplying your choice of appliances as well as the units and worktops and carrying out the work involved.

When you confirm that you’re happy with everything and place your order, we’ll book an installation start date to suit you. This will usually be four to six weeks ahead.

Paying for your kitchen

Once you’ve decided to use us to create your dream kitchen, you will sit down with one of our design team who will run through all the payment options available.

Structural work and fitting

Before work starts on site the project manager who will be overseeing the whole process will introduce himself. Our builders will then come in to prepare the space for your new kitchen. This may include dismantling your old kitchen, carrying out any structural work required and laying new flooring. Our electricians will then prepare the electrics ready for the new appliances, install your new lighting and replace your fuse board if the existing one doesn’t comply with Part P regulations. Our plasterer will then come in to make good.

If necessary our plumbers and gas fitters will come in at this stage to prepare the pipework and make any changes required to your heating system, such as replacing radiators or relocating your boiler.

Our fitters will then come in and install your new units and appliances. Only once they’re in place will we take the exact measurements so your worktops can be cut to fit perfectly. The units we supply all have fully enclosed tops, so there’s no need to worry about dust and debris getting in before your work surface arrives.

Our tilers will usually complete work while the worktops are being prepared. Finally, our stone masons will install your worktops and make the finishing touches before leaving you to enjoy your new kitchen.

We understand that our customers have busy lives, so we do our best to keep disruption to a minimum, working around your schedule. We’ll also make sure to leave your home safe and clean at each stage.

Enjoying your kitchen

We take pride in our prompt and efficient aftersales care. Your project manager and our directors, John and Scott, are here to answer your questions at any point, before, during or after installation.

We aim to make the whole process simple and straightforward for you and to ensure you continue to enjoy your Applewood kitchen for many years to come.

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Ready to see how Applewood can create your dream kitchen?

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